Sunday, 3 May 2015

3593 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"The song in my heart has been displaced by the keening of a desolate wind through the bombed out ruins of my life."

Sorry for the bitterness and anguish of those lines. Let me explain and also account for the lapse since my last entry. Though I am surrounded by wonderful people who care for me and take much interest in my being I am lonely beyond despair. I have an adoring cat who this moment is sleeping on my right foot with his fore feet wrapped around my ankle. Rascal has kept me as sane as possible yet... And yet my every waking moment is consumed, increasingly so, by the absence of my wife Carolyn. I know the old wisdom that says the pain will diminish but mine has not. A couple of days after planting my little garden space Rascal and I decided we really, really wanted some good old greasy original (HaHa) formula KFC chicken breast. BTW where are the nipples on those things? As I was driving to the KFC on Westheimer Rd a feeling of aloneness stole up and over me. As I sat waiting to make a left turn into their parking lot I realized "I'll be doing this the rest of my life without her!" Since that time I have tried to fill every waking moment with mind numbing worked. Last night shortly after Rascal and I had bedded down I realized I was not gonna sleep. I got up, dressed, got in my car and headed south on I59/I69. Around about Edna I turned onto hwy 111 toward Yoakum. I stopped near the end of "City of Hochheim Road" and waited for the moon to rise. I somewhat found a sense of peace and lack of turmoil. Caro and I used to spend a lot of time in our early years watching the full moon rise and set. I was surprised while writing to realize that route was the one we followed from our apartment in Austin to our old homes in Markham. And I drove that route innumerable times returning to Caro from my stupid time in San Marcos at Southwest Texas College.
On the way back to Houston early this morning I thought I heard a voice saying "Do not fret, she is safe with me. Your time will end soon enough."

Rascal roused when I walked in and went back to sleep. Just now he woke and told me he was hungry. So I am off to fix us some kind of breakfast/lunch. I do need to make a grocery run.

In other news: April 19 planted okra, kohlrabi, and kale seeds in garden space sowed kohlrabi and kale. Planted 6 holes of okra. The soil is lousy. After all the rains it looks like hard pack dirt of west Texas. I had to use a lot of force to break the surface crust for weeding.

A week later I transplanted my tomato plant to the garden space. It looks wilted every day. After the season I am going to add a lot of compost and organic matter and maybe sand to break up the soil.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Friday, 17 April 2015

3577 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"For each adult 200 lbs flour, 75 lbs bacon, 30 lbs of pilot bread, 10 lbs rice, 25 lbs of sugar, 1/2 bushel to a bushel of dried beans, 1 bushel of dried fruit, 2 lbs of saleratus, 10 lbs of salt, 1/2 bushel of cornmeal, 5 lbs of coffee, 2 lbs of tea, 1 /2 bushel of corn parched and ground, a keg of vinegar, and assorted medicines. They also brought a cast iron Dutch oven and skillet as well as a small sheet-iron stove and boiler that could be used inside the wagon when rain or strong winds made outside cooking impractical. Added to that was a pair of 10 gallon kegs for water, to be fashioned on each side of the wagon, a churn, cups, and plates of tinware, and tools. And in addition they would walk all the way. "

This is an average packing list for the pioneers headed west from St. Louis and other jump off points. The excerpt was taken from "Comstock Lode" by Louis Lamour.

I ate dinner very late tonight. I got involved in a free ranging talk with 3 to 6 women from my floor. I had stopped in the elevator lobby on the way back to my room after getting my mail. I intended to stay just long enough to complete the outer edges of a new 100 piece puzzle. Then one by one floor mates stopped to talk. Two hours later the puzzle was finished and I had a gaggle of women around me listening to my stories. Apparently they find me humorous. I saw several making notes as I talked. Such attention can certainly inflate one's self worth. As a result I did not have time to cook a meal so I went to my pantry. I packet of something fell out as I opened the door. It was a packet of "Aloo Palak" it claimed to be ready after 1 minute in the microwave. When I slit the top for a vent I got a good smell. It smelled delicious. Aloo Palak is an Indian cuisine item made from "Hearty Potatoes & Spinach Simmered with Onions, Tomatoes & spices. The picture on the pack makes it look hearty and edible.

When I poured the mess out onto my plate I was so revolted by its nasty greenness. It looked like stewed grass. But I was hungry and had sworn to try new things before the long sleep.

I did not get to grocery shop today because of the almost continuous rainfall.

It is time for my final round of pills and blood pressure reading before bed.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Thursday, 16 April 2015

3576 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"People, in general, would rather die than forgive. It's thathard. If God said in plain language, 'I'm giving you a choice, forgive or die,' a lot of people would go ahead and order their coffin."

Tuesday I transplanted some peppers and greens and intended to transplant my tomato plant and plant some seeds in the same bed. It has rained ever 8 hours since then. If I were to disturb the soil now the bed would lapse to mud. I haven't even attempted to grocery shop. I can see the back of the freezer section of my refrigerator.

I found another national league baseball fan on my floor. He is a rabid St Louis Cardinals fan. He has added MLB to his Direct TV setup and invited me over to watch the game between the Brewers and the Cardinals. Happily the Cardinals won.

Last month Clarewood House had a book sale. Since I am severely addicted to reading I bought a bunch. One of the paper backs was "Secret Life of Bees". I assumed it was a book about bees. Wrong. It is a book with a young southern girl and her life and liberation from a harsh childhood. I very highly recommend the book. I have now read my copy 3 times. Every chapter made me think. I really like this chic book.

Sometimes I feel very optimist about my growing cooking skills. Tonight I had fried catfish, oven roasted mini Yukon Gods, sweet corn kernels, and homemade sauerkraut. The fish was great but only after a total fail in my first attempt to fry catfish filets. The sauerkraut was so bad and such a hassle that I will just buy the commercial product in future. During my first attempt of the evening to fry fish I depended on my eyes to judge the state of the fish. I made two batches, one was still cold in the center and the other was burnt. I suppose a fancy restaurant would have called it "blackened catfish". I used a thermometer inserted into the fish to track progress of cooking. I used "corn flour" to bread the fish. I was talking with a resident about cooking and told him I was trying to get really fine corn meal for coating fish. I told him how I was processing regular corn meal in my blender. Another resident overheard and told me that I could buy corn flour at HEB. It makes a very good coating for fried fish.

Rascal is now hunkered down on my desk and trying to touch me. There is a tremendous thunderstorm passing through. So I am going to gather him and leap into bed and cover our heads. Good night all!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3574 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"When I was 25 years old, I decided to travel to Ireland for a little adventure. I met some other young adults in a hostel, and one night three of us were walking down a street in Dublin when a disheveled-looking man and woman approached us asking for money to buy food. Despite the objections of one of our party, we gave them the equivalent of $5.00. As the couple walked away, the person who had objected told us that he suspected they would use the money for drugs or alcohol. He then announced that he was going to follow them to prove it!
Somewhat unwillingly, my other companion and I went along. We followed the couple across the River Liffey down a street where raucous laughter filled the air as people drifted in and out of the many pubs. Just as my friend began to say, "I told you so," the couple appeared coming out of a convenience store with two sandwiches. In silence, we all looked at one another and realized that the sandwiches weren't the most important gifts given that day. The gift we had received was a reminder that we are not called to judge human hearts. We are simply called to emulate Jesus by responding with compassion to the human needs we encounter."

The message above is from the "UPPER ROOM" for 4/14/2015. This is the reason I give money to the beggars on the street corners. I am not qualified to judge.

It has been 38 years since she died yet moments in my life bring her vividly back to existence. For dinner tonight I had a stuffed bell pepper and a stuffed poblano pepper I prepared March 23, 2015 (which happens to be my true birthday) and they were wonderful. The tomato sauce did kill the heat of the poblano pepper. Those peppers had been in my refrigerator over 3 weeks and I cooked and ate them with no hesitation. My mother was almost certain someone was gonna die after eating leftovers from her refrigerator. I can see her sniffing at the contents of some bowl or container she had put in the fridge after the previous day's dinner. I do not remember her ever reheating something after two days in the fridge. She would question at the table about whether we thought something tasted right. The only thing her or dad would keep more than one night was that stinking gut wrenching disgusting "Buttered Pecan Ice Cream". My stomach heaves just thinking of the words.

Despite the heavy rains of the last 2 days I transplanted three bell pepper plants: green, orange, and purple in my allocated space. I also transplanted one giant chard and 2 sweet lavender plants. Tomorrow after my morning errands I am going to move my in-room tomato plant to my garden space. My space is 3 feet by 4.d feet. I am also going plant Dwarf Okra, Broccoli Raab, and Kohlrabi seed amongst the plants. By the time the seed produce mature plants the others will be in decline. If I find time I am going to drive hwy 90 toward Hallettsville tomorrow unless it rains.

I finally met the journalist turned author today while Jean and I were working on a jigsaw puzzle in the elevator lobby. Turns out I have read two of her books. The best one IMHO was the one about the beginnings of the antiques festival in Round Top Texas.

Off to watch Building Wild and Cabin Fever then to bed.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Sunday, 12 April 2015

3572 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

My old cat Puffy died just before
I went to New Orleans.
She was over 18.
She had breast cancer or something like it.
Every day for the last 12 years she has run
down the sidewalk to greet me
when I got home from work.
On the weekends I would have to walk up
the sidewalk so she would see me coming home.
As part of the ritual I would feed her a
different can of Fancy Feast every day.
I liked to pretend she was happy to see me
even though she was
really trained to eat when I got home.
I would set her plate on the camper shell of my pickup
and talk to her about the day while she ate.
She never judged and always listened.
She had two different colored eyes and
I always thought that explained why she was a touch goofy.
We have another cat that is about 10.
She has always been aloof from me
but since I got back she has been my constant bud.
In some strange cat way I think she misses Puff.
I buried Puffy among the azeleas where she spent
many hours hunting bugs and mice.
In her senior years she would just chase
them out of the yard.
Fancy Feast tasted better!"

I saw Carolyn with Puffy last night.

Ponder this! If we had some way or power source that could produce a steady continuous acceleration of 32 feet per second per second we could reach the moon in about 4 hours. Mars would be a few days or thereabout. I found a site that shows the times to various solar system bodies at We do not have the technology to build such a drive now or in the near future. And I am not sure the current mass of humanity has the courage or will to try. Personally I want to live long enough to attend the wedding of my 12 great-grandchild on Formalhaut II. If I thought I could live long enough to raise another family on Mars I would volunteer for the one way trip today.

It is now Sunday night and I am still celebrating going to chapel this morning. I heard the best sermon about "Doubting Thomas" that I have ever heard. For over a half century I endured condemnation because I dared to doubt many of the Christian beliefs. Not so much the belief but rather my ability to accept the statements without supporting evidence. The preacher this morning said, to paraphrase, those who say they never doubted the word of God have lied to you. God knows we doubt. I will be back to the chapel. The preacher reminds me so much of my favorite Methodist preachers.

Tonight I finished cooking the Chicken and Dumplings. I simplified the hell out of the recipe by using the tubular refrigerated biscuits. I combined the 8 pieces of dough into 3 lumps and rolled each lump into a semicircular shape about a quarter inch thick and then cut out dumplings using a Texas shaped cookie cutter. I then bisected each shape with a straight edge from Gainesville to Del Rio. I used an empty cleaned plastic quart milk bottle filled with warm water as my rolling pin. I ended up with 6 Texas shaped dumplings and a whole fling of odd shapes. Each piece was dropped into the boiling chicken cooking retained chicken broth. After all the pieces of dough were cooked and puffy I decided I needed a larger pan. I dumped all into my largest pan and then added the shredded chicken. What a feast! No salt no spices just biscuits, chicken and chicken broth. I took my neighbor a portion and ate the rest. Well! I will finish the remainder tomorrow. Wrapping this up so I can watch "Call the Midwife" on PBS.

Hug each another real tight and share a heartbeat.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

3657 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Mighty MEAL!"

Sitting here preparing my thoughts for this thing. Then I notice the number above. It has been over 10 years since I retired. A whole decade! Where the hell did the time go? I hope I take time to enjoy the next 10 years. Ten? Cripes I'll be 84 in 10 years. As a kid I thought 35 was old and worn-out. Now my friends are in their 90s. Sorry for the diversion.

I had a large meal last night. I cut my tomato into four wedges, salted with fresh ground Black Sea salt, and ate slowly.

The beast was very tasty but lacked the tang of a sun-ripened full sized tomato. It was infinity better than a store bought tomato. Today I found my assigned half space garden plot. I took samples from four points and sent them off to the Harris County Ag agent for soil analysis. I was promised a one week turn around for the results. I also took a sample to Cornelius Nursery. My contact there did a few tests and recommended a bag of decomposed chicken shit and a bag of aged cow manure with a dusting of flowers of sulfur and a pound of milk of magnesia. He promised me he will bring me his small electric tiller. Now I need to research what I can plant. It is a little too late for tomatoes since the high heat will be here in less than a month. I am excited!

I was so disappointed by my white pistachio ice cream I just put it into a storage container and stuck mit in the freezer. Tonight I did not feel like cooking (really the cleaning up part was the persuader) so I made a meal of Ritz crackers and cokes. For desert I had a bowl of the Pistachio ice cream. It was pretty danged good. Soft and creamy with a delicious crunch from the nut bits. So the basic construction was OK. I just need to find a way to make it green. Darlene recommends green food coloring. My next batch of ice cream, however, will be made using "pieces of "fun-sized" Milky Ways. I have them chopped into small pieces and stored in the freezer. I froze them while spread on a cookie sheet then put them into a zip lock bag. That way they will not stick together.

My spiritual life has taken many sharp turns in my life. Most of my life I was a severe disbeliever in a soul that survives after death. I just could not comprehend the logistics required. Then Mom died with her family around her. Silence from the beyond. Then died, but I was so shattered by the accidental fire that that I could not bear his agony and let him die alone in the hospital in Salt Lake City. Since then Dad has often visited me during quite moments and at night. He talks to me about stuff that did not exist before he died. He discusses his great grand children. None were born or even expected before he died. He even gave me a lesson in using key words for google searches. I explained that by pretending my mind was updating his memory. July 2013 my center, my life, my wife died. I was at her side when she died but some of her last words were "Wayne stay there and let me check the lay of the land". Occasionally I hear her young voice call my name. Once she told me she was blocked and I asked for prayers for her. Monday night her voice woke me from a sound sleep. She simply called my name "Wayne!" I woke and looked around to find her. I hoped I had passed so I could be with her again. As reality settled back around me I noticed a small glow from the kitchen. I got up to investigate and found the refrigerator door slightly open. Sometime back I forgot and did not close the door firmly and all the food thawed and wasted a lot of money. From beyond she is still looking out for me. Oh how I miss her.

Yesterday was a busy day. Rascal's checkup at the vet showed he was in excellent health I had taken him because of his fishy breath. The vet assistant explained, after the vet examined him, that the vet said he needed his teeth cleaned. Which would require anesthesia and that could not be done until blood tests and a full body scan showed he was healthy enough to be put to sleep. In other words his fishy breathe might be cleared after $1200 of tests. No freaking way. I will just learn to brush his teeth or add something into his diet to clear his breathe. That $11 cat has already cost me about $4000 over his life time.

Before I took him to the vet I had stopped at the doctor's office for my prostate exam. His fingers were even larger than the last time. He could have checked my tonsils with that long finger. He told me I had an enlarged prostate. I reminded him he had told the same thing for over a decade. His reply was "well your next exam will be in 5 years. Right! Like a 80 year old man is going to get another finger stuck up his butt at that age!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Sunday, 5 April 2015

3565 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Time and space are expanding apparently faster than light speed at times. My time seems to have contracted to an unending series of conflicting events. It is as if the troglodyte gnome in charge of my life has lost its watch."

This thing started out as a daily record of stuff I felt was memorable. Then I retired, with all the time in the world, and my life turned into a kaleidoscope controlled a senior member of Congress. All sound and fury signifying nothing. I found then I was lucky to have periods every day or two to note things. Now I have moved into an independent living retirement community and have almost no time to spare. I have no pool care, lawn care, household repairs and etc to eat my time. What I do have is a newly found love for cooking and also extremely friendly neighbors. I wake at 5 am to take a pill and pee, go back to bed until 9 when Rascal wakes me by patting my face and begging for food. We eat breakfast. Then we read the newspaper, me with my eyes and he with his butt. We have a good old wrestle over the paper most mornings. Then I check my Google Calendar, I have no functional short term memory, and discover that somehow 3 or more events are scheduled during the day. Usually close enough in time and space that I can plan a least time route. Now I often skip lunch in favor of time in the steam room or exercise room at HBU. I have noticed even less time being spent there. After lunch I prep the ingredients for dinner and then take a nap. Hence this thing has become nearly a weekly report.

Last Thursday 4/2/2015 I saw that my tomato no longer has a yellow tint to it so I harvested it. The pictures below are a profile shot and a view of the top. The mighty beast weighed 2.3 ounces and has a density of about 1.4 grams per milliliter. That means it is about twice as big as a cherry tomato and as dense as a regular tomato. Looking back over my records I see I spent $37 on stuff for the tomato. The tomato cost $257 per pound. I could have bought an ass load of really good tomatoes. I will have it for dinner tomorrow.

Tonight I solved 2 problems with one dish. I call it Shrimp Experiment X. Rascal was whining and begging for food. I did not want to go grocery shopping because I always spend too much when I am hungry. I did have some frozen raw shrimp (very large) with tails on. I put a tablespoon of unsalted butter in a skillet/saucepan and melted it. I dropped in 8 of the frozen shrimp and sautéed them until they were warm and the shell was pink and the rest of the shrimp were turning pink. I picked out the two biggest and chopped them for Rascal. They must have been good because he was sighing as he ate them. He lept onto my lap and watched while I "finished" my portion. That sounds like I had a plan for cooking. No plan just SWAG. When they were totally pink and hot I poured about a half cup of Ragu traditional meat sauce over them and stirred around on low heat until they were firmly coated with the sauce. I separated the shrimp and added to the pan mixture three very small Yukon roaster potatoes sliced about three times the thickness of a playing card. To this I added 5 pickled jalapeno slices mashed to a fine paste. I let simmer until the pepper flavor was well dispersed and the potatoes softened. I poured in a half cup of heavy whipping cream and let simmer with frequent simmering until the mixture was the color of a really good ripe Georgia Peach fresh from the tree.

I added back the shrimp and let it all simmer until the internal temp of the shrimp was, on average, above 123F. I plated the mass and poured a big goblet of August Nights yellow wine. My plating leaves much to be desired. The dish has just a modicum too much fire and the potatoes should have been softer. Next time I will roast them then slice them.

And sat down to write this entry. And discovered I have to take YD to Hempstead at 9am, get a huge finger stuck up my arse at 1 pm and take Rascal to the vet at 3:30 pm and do grocery shopping at 6, pick my George Jones plates from Lynnview for the dinner party I am hosting Friday. On the way back to Clarewood I will stop at BB&B for a tall kitchen stool. I have tentative plans Wednesday to drive up to Industry and environs for wild flowers. I have not been there in several years.

Stopping to watch the Roma Downing movie "The Bible Continues". Be sweet to each another.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Monday, 30 March 2015

3559 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!


What an amazing 4 days I have just had. Four of us, over a meal of Roasted Vegetable Soup, got to talking about stuff we like. I mentioned that I make trips into the Texas Countryside annually and take pictures of our stunning wildflowers. I mentioned a stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Fayetteville. Then I regretted that I had not yet driven into east Texas for the wildflower displays. One thing lead to another and SHAZAM! The morning of March 26 we were gathered at the front door with bags packed and a road trip planned from Houston to Cuero to Nacogdoches and back home.

I had never contemplated taking a road trip with 3 women and spending nights with them. I am glad I did it. It is a lot more fun to sightsee when someone is with you. We all packed very light and shared the cost almost equally. It was kind of challenging to load the walker and scooter and etc but we all laughed when one of the women did a "Fred". Remember the Lucy show where the gang was going to drive to California and Fred loaded the car. Henrietta nailed "Fred". The B&B in Nacogdoches was fairly close to a railroad track and Lynn launched into the train skit.

The wild flowers were intense on highway HWY77 from LaGrange to Cuero. IMHO this is the best because there is such a wide variety of wildflowers. I am frankly quite tired of Bluebonnets.

I got back in time to listen to my siblings sing happy birthday on my voicemail. Today is our younger sister's birthday. Happy birthday sis! I left you a singing voicemail. I think. After the phones I went to play BINGO. In my entire life, until moved into Clarewood House, I had won one game of Bingo. Here I have won 9 times. Five of those I won using a certain Bingo card. I now make a point, when possible, to arrive early and sort through the cards until I find the "lucky" one.

After Bingo I put my "perfectly cooked Pork Chop" in the oven at 180F. I had two and was going to use one in my gumbo I am planning for Saturday. I also have Buffalo, Alligator meat, Turtle meat, Deer, and Rabbit to add to the gumbo base I bought at HEB. I am going to invite a different set of neighbors from the ninth floor.

I am really disappointed with my Pistachio Ice Cream. It is white like vanilla ice cream. I wonder how the commercial product is made green.

I am stopping now. The Ken Burns documentary "Cancer, the emperor of all diseases" is showing on PBS. Y'all be most excellent to one another.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

3554 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!


In this entry I tackle a "small" subject. Why do we need God? First let me say we do not know whether there is or is not an omnipotence we call "GOD". There is no proof either way. Those of my persuasion would not accept any "proof" there is no god and claim the proof was flawed in some basic and likely unknown or unknowable assumption. Proof is not important. Deists believe with no proof and atheists believe with no proof. The difference is in why we believe either. I accept there is a GOD in the desperate hope that there is a power higher than the human intellect. If humans are the highest arbiters of morals and beliefs we might as well go ahead and commit mass suicide because we will have no hope for a "better" world in the future. Instead we will always have to content with the insatiable and cruel ego of the infantile human ID that lies within all our brains. We will see an endless succession of Hitlers and Stalins, and an endless wave of human slaughter and blood-letting. Only with a GOD and GOD rules can we be held accountable to rules we cannot corrupt. We have been trying for millennia to corrupt the "Golden Rule" and cannot find a way around it. We kill our neighbors because they "slice their bread differently than we do. Yet time after time we find we must love our neighbors for our own security and harmony. All the rules handed to us in the Bible Old testament still hold true. Some we treat as nonsense yet we suffer in unimaginable ways when we choose to violate those rules. Some we no longer truly understand and I expect that ignorance causes much of the hurt and disease in the world today.

Recently it was suggested that the concept of GOD is too incredible simply because God must be older that the universe. The universe is supposedly over 14 billion years old. I think it may be much older and we simply do not have the tools to determine its real age. Our telescopes only allow us to see so far back in time.
Photons, light quanta, are almost as old as the known universe yet we have no doubt they exist in spite of their great antiquity. Perhaps GOD moves at the speed of light or above and sees all time at the same time as do photons.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Saturday, 21 March 2015

3550 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"I saved hundreds of dollars in less than 15 minutes"

It seems as if the periods where my body wanders around without direct oversight by my mind is growing more frequent or are of longer lasting duration. For example:
1. Yesterday I opened the refrigerator looking for a snack. I found 3 packs of cheese singles from 3 different store. I have been shopping along with my fellows here at Clarewood House. The place has a bus that carries us to two different grocery stores each week. Apparently I have bought cheese slice singles at the last 3 stores. I have enough cheese for 3 months at one slice a day.
2. I have searched for days looking for a package of short plastic trash bags I bought for the bathroom and litter box cleanout. I found them behind my electric sheers when I opened the lavatory cabinet prior to trimming my beard. Found missing short trash bags in bathroom cabinet.
3. I have tormented myself for over month by shopping on-line for a proper cabinet to store and display my spice supply. I have the bottles in drawers under my dining table. Yesterday I really thought about the problem. In the drawers I can only see the top of the jars. Most do not have a label on the cap. So if I label the lid I can find the spice I need. Scotch tape, felt tip pen and copier paper saved me 100s of dollars.

Last night I made one of my favorite meals (Perfectly cooked filet mignon, mashed potato, steamed asparagus, and tomato chunks) and settled down in front of my TV to watch the BBC comedies. I took one bite of asparagus and began to gag. Within minutes I was vomiting phlegm and asparagus and experiencing a horrifying pain right behind my heart. I tried to swallow a small sip of water and vomited that up immediately. For almost 2 hours I choked and coughed and gagged and vomited. Every minute my pain seemed greater. I suspected I was manifesting a new type of panic attack so I did not call for medical aid. Finally I just leaned back on the chair and sat bolt upright and tried to breathe deeply and slowly. Eventually the pain eased but I still was not able to swallow anything without a great knot of pain in my throat. I suspect I was having a muscle spasm in my duodenal valve at the top of the stomach. I finally, at 6 am became pain free and went to bed. When I arose at 1 pm I was able to take my pills, drink a coke and eat a bowl of grits. All day I waited in fear for the return of the gagging and choking. At 3 pm I warmed my perfect meal from the night before. Tonight for dinner I had a huge heaping bowl of left over spaghetti. I ate dinner after the movie "Donovan's Reef" and I am feeling comfortable Only God knows what caused the spasm.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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