Monday, 15 December 2014

3454 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Great Bat Wings!"

It ws 83F in the west garden at Clarewood House at 3 pm this afternoon. Ten days til Christmas and so warm. I love Gulf Coast Texas weather!

Irish Spring bar soap between the fitted sheet and mattress prevented leg jumps all night. I guess this urban legend might be true.
"On this day in 1855, troopers of the Second United States Cavalry Regiment entered Texas for the first time. The Second, one of four new regiments approved by Congress in the spring of 1855, was organized specifically for service on the Texas frontier. The regiment left Jefferson Barracks, near St. Louis, in late October and rode through Missouri, part of Arkansas, and a corner of Indian Territory before crossing the Red River into Texas. Its officers were hand-picked by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis; thus the elite regiment was known as "Jeff Davis's Own." The Second Cavalry remained in Texas until the Civil War. During its stay, companies of the regiment were involved in some forty engagements along the western and northern frontiers of Texas and along the Rio Grande, fighting Apaches, Comanches, Kiowas, and Mexican marauders. The regiment was known for the outstanding quality of the sixteen general officers it produced in the 6½ years of its existence. The Second supplied one-half of the full generals of the Confederate Army: Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee, Edmund Kirby Smith, and John Bell Hood. The Second Cavalry was Lee's last command in the United States Army."

A highschool friend sent me a link to a wonderful website that is developing a better way to deliver first aid quicker. Click HERE for a video of rapid drone delivery of a defibrillator. I think most Americans are to technically ignorant to ever have this successfully deployed. The American Heart Association has a good list of the thing necessary to support wide spread use of small defibrillators.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.
Just when I begin, again, to have a swelled head because I am infinitely superior to most newsworthy modern men as evidenced by my needlework and collection of old dinnerware, I do something that is so typical of knuckle dragging men that I fall into despair and become accident prone. The menu for December 15 dinner was Cream of chicken soup and crispy French fries with cherry tomatoes and a palate cleanse of pear halves on a bed of ice cold small curd cottage cheese. I had bought a deep fryer last month but had not used it. I struggled whether to get a fry daddy jr or a full sized model large enough to fry a turkey. The manly thing, of course is "the bigger the better". I got out the fryer and began to charge it with vegetable oil. I added almost a half gallon before the oil reached the bottom of the drainer basket. I was only going to fry a cup of fries but that looked so pitiful I dumped in half the bag.
But before I dropped in the French fries I touched the fryer to see if it was hot enough. YEP!!!
Click the picture for an aloe farm website. As soon as I touched the pot I remembered Mom always kept a stalk of Aloe in a drawer in her kitchen. Caro adopted that habit. Sure enough her first aid kit had two small stalks sealed in a plastic tube. It sure took away the pain.

Now what am I gonna do with a half gallon used vegetable oil? Can it be saved and reused. I learned that I need a small fryer. When I get some money I will buy one at the Good Will store.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Sunday, 14 December 2014

3453 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"It really is ‘Fall'"

Yesterday I started my new regime of using the scooter only when my errands involve wandering around in two or more big box stores. So yesterday I left my scooter in my room and went to pickup my prescription refills. I accidently looked at the paperwork, which I usually discard, for the medicine. I discovered that one of the medications is very expensive. I pay out of pocket $2 per pill. Insurance, Aetna claims, pays over $536 per month for those pills. I don't remember ever seeing a price for the stuff. I will talk to Dr. Gonzalez at my next appointment and ask if it is still needed and/or can he prescribe a cheaper generic.

Well that certainly veered off from my original draft. I had planned to only go to the drive thru for the pharmacy but while waiting in line my brain started reviewing my food supply. Suddenly I put the car in gear and parked and went into Kroger to buy a few things. $97 later and after walking 1100 steps I picked up my prescription. Since Kroger did not have the Cedar Lane Roasted Chile Relleno that I was really craving I went to the Walmart Super store. I decided since I was there to buy a couple cake pans and a food processor that was on sale and a 5 pound bag of dried pinto beans. No Chile Relleno there either so I stopped at Kroger on Hillcroft. Of course their frozen food section was in the most distant part of the store. By the time I got back to "room in the clouds" my pedometer showed over 3700 steps. My hip, back, arse, and feet told my head to just stay out of the conversation the next time I need to run errands. And that is why I did not have dinner last night and why I did not write an entry.

This afternoon when I took picture of what I call the Autumn tree I noticed the smaller tree next to it is looked considerably different than the last time I photographed the pair. The first picture below was taken Thursday the 11th of Dec.

The smaller one had begun to lose some leaves and most were brown. Today Sunday 14th of Dec that same tree is nearly completely void of leaves. In three days every leaf fell off that tree.

I am getting ready for bed with some nervousness. My weekly meal plan says tonight I would have a baked potato stuffed with Stubbs pulled pork with his barbecue sauce. When I pulled the potato out of storage I noticed that the eyes had begun to sprout. Suddenly I hear my Mother's voice shouting "Don't eat that potato. Don't you know the eyes are poison?" No I did not know that and I am not sure they are poison. In any case the only thing I had ready to cook was the potato. So I used a paring knife to gouge out the eyes before rubbing it with olive oil, wrapping in foil and baking at 425F. So I will be checking myself frequently for symptoms of cyanide poising. BTW I checked Snopes and found this,

"A glycoalkaloid poison found in species of the nightshade, solanine is a nerve toxin produced in the green part of the potato (the leaves, the stem, and any green spots on the skin). This bitter poisonous crystalline alkaloid is part of the plant's defenses against insects, disease, and predators. Potato leaves and stems are naturally high in glycoalkaloids, so ingestion of these parts of the plant must be avoided at all costs."

I feel much better now and will sleep well. Tonight, though, I will put a bar of unwrapped bath soap between the fitted sheet and the mattress of my bed. My right leg jerked all last night and kept me awake.

The Texans cannot have good luck. Their recently reactivated starting quarterback had his left calf leg broken in the game today. A total rookie quarterback took over and we lost again.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Thursday, 11 December 2014

3450 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"One for 2 and improving"

Typically I asked friends and family how to cook hash browns but then did not wait for their replies. Night before last I peeled a potato and shredded it, gathered all the shreds into a ziplock bag and put that into the freezer. Yesterday morning I got the bag out and was horrified to find a frozen lump of ugly brown. Hoping it would flatten during cooking I dropped it into a hot skillet with a half inch Crisco near the smoking point. I had already scrambled three eggs, I am getting damned good at scrambling, and mixed half with venison sausage and half with cooked pork sausage. I rolled those two mixes into large flour tortillas. I folded and set them aside until the adventure with the potato filth was over.

Hash browns looked like greasy warmed peat bog. I think they probably tasted like peat bog. I cannot be sure since I have never tasted peat bog but... Tomorrow I will have the last burrito for my breakfast with V8 Spicy Hot.

For dinner tonight I had a homemade cheeseburger as described previously and a batch of fried okra. My senior daughter told me to dip the okra in milk then dredge in flour and then coat with cornmeal. I forgot the milk but the okra was still wet enough to adhere the flour. The flour in turn capture a fine layer of cornmeal. I had a skillet with Vegegtable oil heating and would test the temp by dropping in a piece of okra to see if it began to fry. When temp was "right" I added more okra. But I remembered Alton Brown warning to only add more after the cooking medium had returned to proper temp.

Although the okra did not look like the fried okra product my mother, wife, and senior daughter produced it tasted really, really good. I wish I had fried the whole package. The bottle is a yellow wine "Blanc du Bois" from Windy Winery north of Brenham on Clover Road. I buy a case or so each time I am in the area. The name of the wine is August Nights. August is the name of the man who owns and operates the winery along with his wife. The winery produces its own wine from its own grapes. Many of the Texas wineries buy grape juice for external vineyards. They will ship wine and they do have a website for ordering. I highly recommend their wines.

I did not know what to do with the excess flour cornmeal mix so I bagged it for future use. Same problem with the used cooking oil. I poured it into an empty clean prune juice bottle. Can the oil be reused? How do I dispose of the used oil if I cannot reuse it?

In prep of this entry I reviewed my menu plans for the last three weeks. I sure missed the boat on about half the meals. I think I am going to revise the planning to only 2 meals a day. Having to fix only breakfast and linner will lighten the load in the kitchen and give me more time to fiddle-fart around.

I stumbled across a radio station the other day and really enjoyed the sound of the songs. Then I realized the songs were in Spanish/Mexican. The tune and rhythm of the songs were so familiar yet I could not identify them. For the first time I felt a need/yearning to learn Spanish/Mexican. In hopes that might have a website that would list the songs playing I searched for their call letters on-line. I found their website at "". The website is in Spanish and I cannot read Spanish. So I use Babelfish or Google to interpret for me. Keep your kilt down and your dress longish.

Dear God, help us to understand that we are chosen despite the shortcomings other people see in us. Amen.


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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

3449 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Just as I expected!"

I was out early today. First a very short session at the gym on the treadmill and leg presses then into the steam room with a large tube of Ben Gay. I slathered my right shoulder with and sat in the steam room until my shoulder felt better. Just as I stepped out of the room an older guy started in. He took one step in and turned to me and said "Old Folks sex pheromone!" then he laughed. I put on two tee shirts to keep the shoulder warm. I went to the blood donor center where I have had an appointment since June. They had put me on a six month "no donation" list because of the stent inserted in my leg in May 2014. The as....e who put me on the list was still there and asked me more questions about my medical history. They could not accept my blood this time since my pneumonia episode was so recent. I told the pompous bas...d that I would never donate blood again. He asked why and I said because nothing on their website or any other medical site said pneumonia was a reason not to donate blood. I have been steamed all day.

But since I was already out and had promised I took Misty at "shattered Manor" the remainder of my last batch of pinto beans and cornbread muffins. I did such a great job that I am going to cook another mess next week. While I was there I had her get me my Neptune Society cremation Urn and my laminator machine. Not until I was half way home to my "Cloud Home" did I realize I failed to get the paper work for the cremation service. Oh well gasoline is cheap again.

Almost home when my brain sputtered to life and reminded me that there was a "PetsMart" on the way and I had a coupon, received yesterday in the mail, for a free "Crinkle Tube". The thing looks like flexible duct work. When I untied it it spread aout to be about 4 feet long and big enough for Rascal to get through. I thought he would like it. As I was waiting for him to find it I took the retainer ring off a gallon jug of tea. I accidentally dropped it on the kitchen floor. Rascal flew past the new toy and pounced on that little plastic ring. He tossed and jumped nd wrestled that ring all around that new crinkle tube. Finally the ring rolled under the TV stand. Then and only then did Rascal notice the new item.

He inspected it, chewed on the tie cords, yawned, leaped on the bed and took a nap. Just like a kid. Buy them a fancy new toy and they play with the box.

Tomorrow for breakfast I am going to attempt to duplicate McDonald's breakfast sausage burrito. I will make two. One with pork sausage and one with venison sausage. For dinner I will attempt to fry okra like Carolyn and my mother did. Senior daughter told me how to bread the cut okra when they were here for Thanksgiving. I better get off my keister and prep the ingredients.

Viya con Dios.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Monday, 8 December 2014

3447 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Let me 'splane"

I watched the "I Love Lucy" Christmas special last night. Carolyn and I watched every year three shows every Christmas season: It's a wonderful life, The Christmas Story, and the Lucy Christmas. I missed watching last year but this year I realized avoiding rituals we enjoyed is a way of distancing myself from her and her memory. I thoroughly enjoyed the Lucy episode where the men and women changed roles because they thought the other spouse had the easy part of the marriage. The bit where Ricky is esplanen to Fred that he was cooking a pound of rice for each of them was sidesplitting funny. I found myself mouthing the dialogue. Caro and I watched Lucy so often that we had the lines memorized and often did voice-overs. As I said I thought the rice bit was funny. That was yesterday and later I put on my crockpot full of pinto beans. I used a recipe that called for a pound of dried pinto beans. In the pot that did not look like much. This afternoon when I decided to eat my dinner of pinto beans and corn bread muffins I was overwhelmed by the tonnage of beans in the pot. I ate all I could then spooned a cup full of beans into a half dozen zip lock bags and put them in the freezer. I hope that within the next half year I can eat all those beans. As I was looking for recipes for cooked pinto beans I glanced down at the printout of the recipe I used. It states "SERVES 6". Why did I not see that? I have a freezer full of pinto beans. Now I have wind so bad that Rascal is keeping his distance.

The internet server for Clarewood went down Friday night. I was without internet all weekend. I had to go to my bank to check my balance. I knew it was close but I was still surprised to find my balance was $8. I took all the money 5s and 10s that I had squirreled away and deposited them to cover the two checks I know are going to hit before I get my social security check. If I don't get shattered manor sold soon I may have to resort to begging at Harwin and Fondren. I have noticed the beggars there often are given 5 and 10 dollar bills.

Tomorrow morning I am going to start back at the HBU gym but this time I am going to work just the leg exercises. Next month I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor that was recommended by one of the therapist at HBU.

The tree continues to change color.

Click pic for a larger view.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Friday, 5 December 2014

3444 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"I have thousands of opinions still, but that is down from millions and, as always, I know nothing."

I spent most of this day as if it was Saturday. But each time I reached a planned goal I would find it impossible to complete because only I was living "Saturday". I really need someone to trail me and frequently remind me of the year, month, day, date, and time. I can look down at my wrist watch and within seconds of taking my eye off the watch I have no idea of the time. If it wasn't for sunrise and sunset I would be completely nonplussed.

I cooked my very first cheeseburger for dinner. I was going to use my George Foreman grill but after thinking it over I decided to use a skillet. The Foreman looks like a bear to clean. The skillet cleans with a paper towel. I still do not know how to properly melt the cheese so that it melds the bun and meat patty together. I wonder if I could stick the bun-cheese-patty in a hot oven and get the cheese softened enough without burning the bun? I have 11 more patties to experiment with.

After eating dinner I looked up a recipe for white chunk macadamia nut cookies. They did not taste as rich as the ones I buy at Subway. I don't know if I left out something or if my stuffy nose interfered with my sense of taste. I decided to let the people on my floor test them so I put each cookie in a small sandwich bag and will put them on the table by the elevators Saturday morning on my way to my Emmaus brother breakfast.

Last night Rascal and I spent quite some time staring out our window watch a heavy fog move into the area. About 3 am a heavy rain started. While the fog was rolling in all I could think about was the "fog of death" spreading through Egypt in the movie "Exodus". I was tempted to go downstairs and open the door to check if I could hear screams of fear. But then "What if it really was the ‘fog'?" There was no news screamers about death at night so I guess my imagination was just running wild. Rascal's killing of the "demon" apparently still spooks me.

I have searched this place high and low and could not find the box that had the Spiriva prescription number on it. I have been out of the Spiriva inhaler capsules for 4 days. Finally, last night, in desperation and called the pharmacy to see if I could get the prescription renewed without the number. The pharmacist said "no problem" and I could pick it up tomorrow. As soon as I disconnected I happened to look at my computer. There on top of the computer, in plain sight, was the Spiriva box. Duh! I really do need an assistant.

Today the sky was filled with fluffy clouds and warm air. At 3 pm it was 82F. Hard to believe this is December.

If these clouds are typical they hold more than 100 million pounds of water. Yet the sail through the air like sailing ships of old.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Thursday, 4 December 2014

3443 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"I remember him from Tidehaven High School."

I thought he was much older than me. I do know Earl Foster hit me so hard during one football practice that I believe I flew for 20 feet. His obituary is HERE. I wish I could go to his service at Hawley Cemetery. I could visit Mom and Dad's graves afterward. However, I have a meeting here that morning.

For no particular reason I tuned my TV to the Cowboys-Bears game. I dislike both teams. But it seems the Cowboys have remembered thay are supposed to be playing to win and the Bears never forgot that. I hope it is a good game.

Rascal has been peaceful ever since he destroyed the demon. Tonight I ate the last of the left over Thanksgiving stuffing and mashed potatoes. I also threw away the cranberry relish. I cannot abide that stuff. I don't think anybody ate any of the relish.

Speaking of cooking. I am having a hard time making my cream of wheat or grits of the right thickness. I add too much water, then add the dry which makes the mix too thick so I add just a little water and end with soup. I suppose I will have to read the instructions and adhere to the recipe. Sigh!

I still think yogurt is terrible but I vowed that I would learn to tolerate it because a friend told me it is very good for a healthy body. My body my benefit but my mind is warped by the very thought of what yogurt is.

.Monday morning I found a group of women from my floor removing the Thanksgiving decoration in our elevator lobby and putting up Christmas decorations. I was particularly intrigued by the stylized Christmas tree.

I realized while writing this entry and editing the picture that the tree is a pear tree with a partridge on top. I wonder if the ladies will keep adding items as named in the song "Twelve Days of Christmas"?

I was so enthused by the decorations that I bought a wreath for my door.

I think it is classy and apparently my neighbors do also. At least 3 have stopped me and told me how they enjoy my wreath. I tell them "Since I moved here my gay side has flared up!" I think that is a funny line but all it generates is strange looks.

Enough! I am quitting to watch the rest of the football game.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

3442 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"What a strange funeral"

I did leave the lights on all night. Had a hell of a time going to sleep but finally Rascal quit patrolling the room and jumped on bed. When he snuggled down in my armpit I fell sound asleep. When I woke at 6 am he was lying on the floor and seemed to be wrapped around something that he was holding down with a paw. I saw nothing but I got the impression that Rascal was triumphant. I lifted his paw and pretended to pick up his "kill". As I marched toward the toilet he followed me and kept his eyes focused on whatever I held. I dropped "it" into the toilet. Immediately Rascal rushed over and watched the water swirl and empty the bowl. That is not normal behavior for him. All day he would visit the bathroom and check the toilet. I have no idea what I was a witness to but I have had goose bumps most of the day. I hope there was only one of the "things".

After the funeral and my morning breathing session I had breakfast. The weekly menu declared that today for breakfast I would have a boiled egg, cream of wheat, toast, banana, and, coffee. I had always wanted to eat an egg held in an egg cup. So I used my George Jones egg cup. Sadly I did not like the texture of the egg. I dropped a whole room temperature egg into a pan of boiling water and kept it at a boil for 4 minutes. The yolk was too runny and tasted "raw". But I did feel properly "elegant". I even kept my toast in my George Jones toast rack.

Until I googled the word I thought I had coddled the egg. Coodling, it seems, cooks the egg at less than the boiling point of water. I might like this better if I use the correct cooking method.

My daily photos of the tree visible from my window clearly shows the progression of the season towards winter. I had to move my camera because the sunset point had moved so that the camera was looking directly into the sun.

Click the picture for a larger view. The last 5 days have been gloomy, foggy and chilly. I just realized I did not go to the gym today. And my shoulder doesn't hurt so much.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

3441 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"I am spooked!"

I guess I am going to be forced into long pants. For the last week I have been uncomfortably cold during the drive to the HBU gym every morning. Yesterday and today the cold was enhanced by a strange combination of fog and drizzling rain. I felt like I was wrapped in cold compresses by the time I got to my car. The trip is so short that the car heater barely raises the temp before I arrive at my destination. This morning I almost screamed when I stepped into the 104F water in the heated pool. I felt like the water was near boiling. The thermometer, though, reported 104F. Tomorrow I will start in the 84F pool and move to the 92F pool and then the 104F pool. Notice I have not said a world about following my workout program. My right shoulder and left hip are both aching during normal activities. I have even started rubbing my right shoulder with Ben Gay. Sadly the smell of Ben Gay reminds me of how Carolyn and I used to laugh and claim Ben Gay was better than Viagra. Many of our later moments of intimacy were conducted in a veritable fog of Ben Gay and Vicks Vapo-Rub.

This holiday season seems much harsher without her than last year. I am looking for a tiny, cheap, Christmas tree for my studio in her memory. That first Christmas tree, even after 50 years, remained our favorite tree.

I had to grocery shop today. The main reason was that Rascal is eating 2 and a half cans of Fancy Feast every day. He plays so hard and burns so much energy, like a kitten, that I have to feed him 3 times a day. In addition to the Fancy Feast he is also eating the dry cat food. I figured that while I was out I would restock my pantry. I went to Wal-Mart because of its proximity, mistake, and ended up buying more than groceries. I bought a wreath for my door.

When I got back I heard Rascal snarling and meowing in a desperate way. As usual my first action after returning is to visit the porcelain throne. While so engaged I watched Rascal dart out of the restroom and zoom back in carrying one of his treasure "rings" in his mouth. Three times he carried in rings. His red one, the blue one, and the green one. Missing was the white ring. These rings are part of the cap for gallon jugs of fruit juices. Rascal thinks they are great fun. I think they are a pain in the ass because invariably he will knock one under something and then not be able to retrieve it. He always comes to me and demands that I, the magic one, ""get it for me." From my seat on the throne I could see the white ring under our bed. He would dash toward the bed and then stop, hiss, snarl, and turn and run back to me. He made 4 tries. On the fourth he seemed to have run into something or been knocked over. At that time he began to roll around scratching and clawing and snapping his teeth. After about 30 seconds of combat he broke free and ran to me. He hid behind the toilet. A good 5 minutes passed before he came out from behind the toilet. I picked him up to put him on the lavatory so he could get a drink of water. I noticed then that he was favoring his right rear leg and that he had a long deep gash on his right hip. The wound was just barely bleeding. I used super glue to close the gap.

I do not know what he was fighting but I now have a bad case of heebie jeebies. I think I will leave the lights on tonight.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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Monday, 1 December 2014

3440 Days since retiring July 1, 2005!

"Whata week!"

A couple weeks ago I revised my daily schedule which resulted in my time to write my blog to 10 pm to 11 pm. The last week was so hectic and crowded with events that I was completely exhausted by the time 10 pm came around. Couple that observation with the knowledge that my partial physical reported that I was physically equivalent to a 53 year old man. I do not want to change the schedule for my times at the gym and swimming. The only other flex time is the afternoon. I decided to drop the 3 pm hour nap and use the hour for composing my daily blog. So I spent yesterday and today revising both the activity schedule and my weekly menu. From now on I will write my blog entry at 3 pm.

In addition to my "younging" Rascal is acting younger every day. He plays furiously by himself. His favorite is the plastic ring from plastic bottle caps. He also demands that I play with him using the "bird" on a string toy.

If I provide Thanksgiving food next year I am going to order much less sides than I did this year. I still have two huge packages of really crappy "broccoli/cheese casserole. I have even tried adding broccoli but the casserole still sucks. For dinner last night I had a big helping of pinto beans. I ate about a fourth of what I cooked. I put the rest in my freezer and will eat in future. Next batch I make I will use pork and venison sausage instead of a ham hock.

Today was a drizzly cold day. It was so cold I could not set on the front porch and read the newspaper.

Rascal just nibbled my knee telling me it is time for bed. Good night all!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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